31 janvier 2011
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Organization and partnerships

For the 140th Anniversary of the 1871 Commune, this international symposium is organized, symbolically, in Narbonne. It intends to focus on new approaches to the event and to open new prospects. Beyond questioning the contribution of modern research on the Communes of the province, it’s aim is to work at the margins of the global event so as to open new paths of research and to renew the national interpretation of the communalist movement inside an expanded geographical and temporal framework.


  • Archaeological and Literary Commission of Narbonne
  • Institute for social history CGT of the Aude
  • Research Centre on Space, Societies and Culture (in french CRESC), UniversitĂ© Paris 13 – PRES Sorbonne Paris CitĂ©

Steering Committee:

  • Marc CĂ©sar (CRESC, UniversitĂ© Paris 13)
  • Laure Godineau (CRESC, UniversitĂ© Paris 13)
  • Jacques Michaud (President of the Archaeological and Literary Commission of Narbonne)
  • Xavier Verdejo (Institute for Social History of the Aude)

Scientific Committee

  • Sylvie Aprile (UniversitĂ© de Lille 3)
  • Sylvie Caucanas (Departemental archives of the Aude)
  • Quentin Deluermoz (CRESC, UniversitĂ© Paris 13)
  • Laura Frader (Northeastern University – Boston, associate at the CES, Harvard University)
  • Jacques Girault (CRESC, UniversitĂ© Paris 13)
  • Christopher Guthrie (Tarleton State University)
  • Raymond Huard (UniversitĂ© Paul ValĂ©ry Montpellier 3)
  • Laurent Mc Falls (UniversitĂ© de MontrĂ©al)
  • RĂ©my Pech (UniversitĂ© de Toulouse 2 – Le Mirail)
  • Alceo Riosa (UniversitĂ© de Milan)
  • Jean-Louis Robert (UniversitĂ© Paris 1)
  • Jacques Rougerie (UniversitĂ© Paris 1)
  • Jean Sagnes (UniversitĂ© de Perpignan)
  • Benjamin Stora (CRESC, UniversitĂ© Paris 13)
  • Robert Tombs (St John’s College, University of Cambridge)
  • Paul-Henri Viala (Archives of Narbonne)


  • City of Narbonne
  • Languedoc-Roussillon Region
  • General Council of the Aude
  • Agglomeration community of Grand Narbonne
  • Local and regional organizations of the CGT (represented by Mr. Patric Grèze)

Scientific partnerships

  • Archives of Narbonne
  • Departmental archives of the Aude
  • UniversitĂ© de Perpignan- Via Domitia
  • UniversitĂ© Montpellier 1
  • UMR FRAMESPA (UniversitĂ© de Toulouse 2 – Le Mirail / CNRS)
  • Research centre on intercultural relations in English and French speaking areas (CRIDAF), UniversitĂ© Paris 13 – PRES (Research and Upper Education Pole) Sorbonne Paris CitĂ©
  • Association Maitron Languedoc-Roussillon (represented by Mr. Raymond Huard)